from myspace into ourspace. this is the challenge.

we live in a totally flat world - i’ve just flown across half of it in less time than it takes to do a couple of loads of washing. so why is it that so many of us are so reticent about sharing our ideas? what makes one person’s ideas any better than any others’? I often start training sessions by sharing my belief that if there is one person standing up at the front of the room, and 25 sitting down at the back, you will get better value by listening and speaking to the 25 at the back - simple maths really.

So, here is my challenge (on a day where jetlag is going to be keeping this post short and sweet). If you read something on this blog, or on any blog or website, take 5 minutes and share one thought. Just one. Post one comment. It doesn’t have to be positive. Or negative. But it has to be your voice. Make it heard. Let the rest of the world know that your are out there. Believe me, you’ll feel great once you’ve pressed the “submit comment” button.