few months ago a stranger bought me a drink at the Eurostar terminal in London. Well, actually, a stranger was standing behind me as I dithered around trying to negotiate buying one pint and a bag of crisps on a credit card with a understandable sceptical bartender. And this stranger got understandably frustrated and realised that buying my drink was going to be the quickest way to get served.

In a very British and slightly confused way, I would only accept if I could buy the next one (hoping of course that two pints would be my ticket to credit card freedom). My new stranger drink-buying samaritan accepted and I joined her and a friend at their table.

3 hours later, having made serious inroads into the Eurostar bar alcohol stock, I emerged in Paris with a new friend and the beginnings of a hangover. A quite unlikely, even incredibly improbable meeting. And one which has turned into a great friendship.

The moral of this equally unlikely story? In this wild and wacky world that we live in, travel is omnipresent. Be it in the metro or the bus on the way to work, or in a plane or train, airport or station…we spend hours of our lives in the presence of total strangers every week. Often not talking. Or even interacting.

There is often a good reason for this, and we all have moments where the last possible thing you want to do is strike up a conversation with a random stranger in the subway on an early morning commute. But some days are different. Some days we could be more open to the joy of meeting and chatting to a total stranger. Some days we could enjoy the pleasure of company when we are in own little worlds. Some days, the vision of another person could bring a new perspective to our lives.

Which is why today I want to tell you about Flight Club. This wonderful little website, www.flight-club.org lets you enter your future travel details for flights, and then have the opportunity to connect with total strangers who are taking the same flight as you. A kind of internet global connections social networking system, sort of, that aims to turn dull trips into positive human experiences. You meet in the terminal before the flight, and if you get on you can choose to travel together. Or not.

Watch this space and I’ll tell you more about the random world of flight club. You might even want to join…